Who Are We?

We are a congregation of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese

of Central Florida, part of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

Our church family is home to adults, youth, seniors and children.  We are culturally diverse, and we give praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ with unified hearts.

Come visit us - we'd love to meet you and share how together we improve our lives, and those of others.

Ample Free Parking

We have not one, but two parking lots!  The well-lit main lot is general parking  in front of the church entrance. 


If you'd like to drop someone closer to the door, we have an easy access driveway that opens on both ends of the parking lot. 


First time visitor?  Choose one of the VIP parking spots we have clearly marked for you.


We also have easy access handicapped parking spots right in front of the main entrance too.

Looking for the church office, Food Pantry, Counseling Center, or the side entrance to the parish hall?  Drive to the side of the second building for plenty more parking.

Where Are We?

Nestled in the charming community of Crystal River, we have a peaceful and relaxed place  to worship and grow spiritually here on the Nature Coast.

Our lovely sanctuary, brightly lit parish hall, classrooms, Christian Counseling Center, fully decked out kitchen, library, staff offices and work spaces all make for a cheerful place to meet for worship and fellowship.

St. Anne's Episcopal Church
9870 West Fort Island Trail
Crystal River, FL  34429

(just past the Plantation,
on the left)

We Have a Gift For You!

You'll be greeting by friendly ushers who will provide you with the worship bulletin, and a tidy little pocket "Messenger" for a list of events, celebrations, and more.

You'll receive a really neat "Welcome to St. Anne's bag" of goodies, including practical and fun reminders of how we embrace our mission:  "Loving God, through our worship, and Living Jesus, through our service."

Join us after the service, at the "Coffee Grounds" (our version of coffee hour) in the parish hall.  Grab a cup of coffee or a cold beverage and a snack, and we'll introduce ourselves to you.

How Do We Worship?

St. Anneʻs Church is a community of faith, a place to belong to Godʻs family.  We describe ourselves as Anglo-Catholic in our worship style.


Worship here is "formal," which does not mean "stiff," but liturgical.  The form we follow is the liturgy provided in the Book of Common Prayer. 

We have two services on Sunday mornings:  8:00 Mass (Rite I)

                 10:15 Mass (Rite II)

Our tradition is not only a "Sunday thing," but it is a daily practice of prayer and worship.

Then What?

What are the next steps to growing with us?  It's easy to get "plugged in" to these any many more ministries:

Bible Study 9:15 (between the two morning services) in the parish hall.  Just jump in - no registration required!

Sunday School 9:15 (in the classrooms just off of the parish hall).  Ushers can guide you there.

Episcopal Church Women - Thursday mornings at 10:00 in the parish hall. Open to all women.

Exciting New Groups!

"Fishers of Men" - coffee and conversation for our men. 

KARE KLUB (new youth group - Kids Are Resourceful Experts) 

SAFE - St. Anne's Family Evenings - movies, fellowship, food & more!

Watch for the announcements 
of days and times.

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