Vestry shall consist of not less than five (5) lay communicants
of the Parish who are qualified to vote at the Parish meeting. 

The current Wardens and Secretary are:

Jerry Barger, Senior Warden

Bruce Augsburger, Junior Warden

Linda Axelson, Vestry Secretary

The current vestry members are:

Bruce Augsburger, (2020-2022)

Jerry Barger, (2020-2022)
David Dees (2021)

Janine Dempsey, (2021-2023)

Barbara Hernandez (2021-2023)

Cathleen Moran (2021-2023)

Bobbie Zerbe (2019-2021)

Vestry serves as the legislative authority for the parish and shall transact all of the temporal business of the parish. The primary responsibilities are the care of the parish finances & facilities including

      - Elect delegates to the Annual Diocesan Convention

      - Establish parish committees/task forces

      - Appoint representatives to parish school board and/or
community boards 

      - Assists the Rector in the nurture & extension of Christ’s Church.

      - Legal standing of a Parish Vestry is drawn from 3 sources:

      - Constitution & Canons of the Episcopal Church,

      - Charter & Canons of the Diocese of Central Florida

      - Parish customs & published vestry policies. 

Bruce Augsburger

Jr. Warden