Red or Green Beads?

I dusted off my life abacus. It’s a little worse for the wear because I’ve been changing out my “counting beads.”

Instead of playing with the red (stop/negative/no) beads:  “I can’t this, I can’t that, I can’t the other,”  I choose to use the green (go/positive/yes) beads: “I CAN do this, and I CAN do that.”

True, most days it can seem like we have a lot fewer green beads than red, especially now in this pandemic crisis. But if I shift my focus to the green beads, which at first seem to be far fewer in number, I can get one foot in front of the other to do the few things that I CAN. It’s a lighter load, at best.

That is, until the end of day when the clock runs out and it’s time to rest. Gosh, I thought of so many good things that I CAN  do all day, that I became quite productive and accomplished while working through that lighter load.

Even the call that started out to be an “I CAN” positive thing. It yielded such sad news of loss from my friend, I was saddened too, but my heart was lifted back up to the “I CAN” status when I realized I was doing Kingdom work in making that call.

In my waking prayers in the morning,  I ask God to use me. Aren’t I blessed that he chooses to give me so many green beads? It’s up to me to open my heart so I can recognize, receive, and use them.

So tonight, my abacus is all askew - with far more green beads that I thought were available to me.  And it seems that my red beads are fewer in count, and don’t even matter now.

Thank you, Father in Heaven. You did it for me, again. It was a good day. Good night.

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