Prayer Lists - How Do They Work?

We all know that God hears each and every prayer. But how do we help each other to hear our prayers, or to know when we can join into prayers for each other?

At St. Anne's we have several options to make prayer requests. 1) Call the church's main number (352) 795-2176 and make your request by phone. You can leave a message and one of us will call you back as quickly as possible.

2) You can make your request by email to the which is actually an email group accessed by Linda, Fr. Rich, and Dn. Cheryl. We endeavor to respond to all emails to that address sometime the same day that they are received.

3) You can make your request through our website at: It's a short and easy form, and when you choose the submit button, the request goes right into the website's email box, and a super duper link goes right into that list!

We publish our prayers to the Prayers of the People list on our website at I like to reference that list in my daily prayers, so it's very handy. That is also the list that Fr. Rich goes by during Mass. Anytime additions, errors in spelling, or otherwise, occur - please let the office know by phone or email at the above listed options.

Of special note, it has been the practice of the names listed in the first paragraph are more short-term in nature. If you would like your name, or a loved one, friend or neighbor to be listed longer than about 6 weeks, kindly let the church office know, and the name(s) will be moved to the second paragraph, which is loosely intended for more long term reference.

If a name has been removed and it should be listed again - no problem! Just let the church administrator know. it's easy to manage - it's all God's work, our hands!

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