Joining Voices, and Hearts, in Prayer

God intended for us to be together as a community; to worship together, to pray together, to work together in service, following Jesus' instruction to love one another. How amazing is it, that when just one voice begins to pray aloud "Our Father, who are in heaven...." that it is so easy and comfortable to fall in step and join our voices and our hearts in this prayer as He taught it to His flock so long ago? Here we are, more than two centuries later, still so easily and effectively continuing the prayer, together.

Yet also, here we are, insulated from each other at this dark period in global history. I'd be willing to bet that, I could pick up the phone and dial any number of our St. Anne's family, neighbors, people in the community, and friends across the miles. After making my initial connection of "Hi, how are you?" I could begin The Lord's Prayer, and my heart would be warmed with the voice on the other end of the line, praying with me.

I'll go and do that, right now. Are you inspired to do the same?

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