God is on the move!

I recently attending a webinar hosted by my friend Jason Tucker. His message, and the comments of the other attendees, really inspired me. I'll paraphrase the discussions. Faith is lived in three tenses. We look to the past to see God's faithfulness, so we trust that God will be faithful in the future. In so doing, we are free to follow Jesus in the present. (I love that!)

Traditions are handed down through the Gospel - Scriptures, confession, the Great Commission, etc.

Customs help to shape HOW we live out the Godpel (worship style, ministry programs, etc.)

In other words, it's message vs. method. The message never changes, but the methods are ever-evolving.

We are most comfortable going back to past worship methods, because that's the KNOWN. As we stumble forward into the future, it's scary, because it's UNKNOWN.

As we remember "This too, shall pass," we can recall that church has weathered pandemics before. We have become overwhelmed with today's challenges.

God wants us not to miss the mess that is right in front of us. Live in the present, and follow in the steps of Jesus in the present. He is on the move! Let's go with God!

Loving God, Living Jesus - that's our path. We gather for drive up Mass on Sundays @ 8:00 a.m. It's comfortable, it's real, it's sincere, and it's good.

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