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10th Sunday After Pentecost
August 1, 2021
The Rev. Richard A Chandler, Jr. Celebrant

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Evening Prayer each Thurs. @ 5:00 p.m. 

prayers of the people

Prayers for the healing power of the Holy Spirit to be ever-present in the lives of our friends & family: Cameron Green, Ken Carpenter, the family of Dorothy Pacetti, the family of Marcia Clarke, Linda, Greg, Kathie, Ina Ruth, Barbara, Bill, Gail, Rob, Nataya


Continued prayers: Francis, Pat & Dave, Lisa, Noelle, Wanda, Sister Ann Rose,  Jack & Doris, Bert & Dn. Cheryl, Jack, Mark, Tom, Richard, Joanne, Linda, and our whole nation.


Prayers for the clergy, counseling center, church staff, vestry and all of the ministries of St. Anne’s.


Prayers for the safety and the empowerment of the ministry of our missionaries: Wayne & Rena Goodrich, Sean & Rebekah Conklin, Fr. Dass & Mary, and for Kevin and Michelle Brown with the Armed Forces Baptist Missions


Prayers for the continuing safety and return of loved ones actively serving in the military, in the reserves, and veterans: Romulo, Joshua, Ben, Talon, Clafdia & Austin, Ritchie, Janae, Patrick, Tony, Marc, Matthew, Sean, Christian, Jordan, Maydia, Jake, Zach, Joey, AJ, Dalton, Cade, Nash, Robert, Zach, Luke, Tom, Rachel Snow, Leah, Mark, Tressa, Sidney, Sean, Ryan, Tony, Ben Russell, and for all of our veterans.


Prayers for the safety, encouragement, and enrichment of parishioners and/or loved ones of parishioners who are students: Makayla, Sean, Tiffany, Jerrod, Nathaniel, Juliet, Mark, Abigayle, Calvin, Angelina, Madelyn, Elijah, Zach, Charlotte, Anisha, Tiffany, Taylor, Kalista, Clyde, Dennis, Daisy, Franklin, Aubrey, Morgan & Peyton, Landon, Jariah, Elijah, Janelle, Tatiana, Richard, Ava, Elizabeth

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Bible study

Proper 13, Year B, 2021-08-01

Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15; Psalm 78:23-29; Ephesians 4:1-16; John 6:24-35


Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15

  • 2 “complained” Do our complaints matter to God? Is this particular complaint righteous?

  • 4 “each day”  Do we balance our needs and our wants? Do we allow God to “Give us this day our daily bread”?

  • 9 “He has heard” Do we ever turn a deaf ear?


Psalm 78:23-29

  • This passage seems to be a poetic retelling of today’s Old Testament passage.  Is it commentary? Do we learn anything new from the psalm passage?


Ephesians 4:1-16

  • 2 “humility” The Greek noun translated humility was coined by Christian writers. Koine Greek had no such noun, and the related adjective, humble, was considered a weakness. How does our culture regard humility? Is it possible to know God and what He does for us and not be humble? 

  • 12 “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” Are you equipped?

  • 15 “We must grow up in every way into Him” Is our growth observable?


John 6:24-35 

  • Is this passage related to the Lord’s Supper?

  • 28 “What must we do to perform the works of God?” How would you explain Jesus’ answer to this question to one of your unchurched friends?

  • 30 Do we ever ask these questions of Jesus?

  • 35 “comes to me” What did Jesus’ listeners think this phrase meant? What do you think it means?

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Flourish Again

The more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread. Exodus 1:12

Given enough sunlight and water, vibrant wildflowers carpet areas of California such as Antelope Valley and Figueroa Mountain.  But what happens when drought strikes?  Scientists have discovered that certain wildflowers store large quantities of their seeds underground instead of allowing them to push through the soil and bloom.  After the drought, the plants use the seeds they have saved to begin to flourish again.

The ancient Israelites thrived in the land of Egypt, despite harsh conditions.  Slave masters forced them to work in fields and make bricks.  Ruthless overseers required them to build entire cities for Pharoah.  The king of Egypt even tried to use infanticide to reduce their numbers.  However, because God sustained them, "the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread."  [Exodus 1:12]  Many Bible scholars estimate that the population of Israelite men, women, and children grew to two million (or more) during their time in Egypt.

God, who preserved His people then, is upholding us today as well.  He can help us in any environment.  We may worry about enduring through another season.  But the Bible assures us that God, who "cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and [are gone] tomorrow," can provide for our needs.  [Matthew 6:30

Why is it so hard to trust God during life's "dry" seasons?  How has God provided for you in the past, and how might the story of His faithfulness encourage someone you know?

Father, sometimes it's so hard to keep going.  Please meet my needs today, and help me to persevere through the power of Your Holy Spirit.

- from Our Daily Bread, March/April/May edition