Sunday Mass - August 9, 2020

Bible study

Proper 14, Year A, 2020-08-09

1 Kings 19:9-18, Psalm 85:8-13, Romans 10:5-15, Matthew 14:22-33


1 Kings 19:9-18

  • Many see similarities between this passage and Exodus 33:18-23. Do you agree?

  • 9, 13 Twice the LORD asks Elijah , “What are you doing here?” Has He ever asked you this?

  • 11, 12 What do you make of the wind, earthquake, fire, and variously translated still small voice? Is the gospel a still, small voice? 


Psalm 85:8-13

  • 8-13 How does the poetry of these verses develop the theme of the nearness of God?


 Romans 10:5-15

  • 5-13 Is Paul contrasting righteousness by law with righteousness by faith? If so, what is his argument? If not, how does v. 5 fit into the passage?

  • 9, 10 These verses form a tried-and-true memory verse. Are these verses Paul’s commentary on Deuteronomy 30:14, which he quotes in v. 8?

  • Paul quotes Isaiah 28:16 twice (9:33 and 10:11). Is he using the verse in two different ways?


Matthew 14:22-33

  • 25 Why did Jesus come to them walking on the sea?

  • 28 Why did Peter try to walk to Jesus? How far did Peter get?

  • 31 How frustrated was Jesus?

  • 33 Is the disciples’ declaration in this verse different from Peter’s declaration in 16:16?

prayers of the people

Friends & Family:  Brian, Charlene, Harry, Carolyn, Rodger, Angela, Ina, Char, Sarah, Sue, Mark, Shirley, Kevin, Ralph, Cindy, Katie, Don, Stephanie, Pat, Vicky, Jeanne, Barbara, Wende, Marty, Bob, Pat, Evelyn, Jimmy, Janet, Billy Thorpe, Judy,  Jeff , Rosemarie, Bob, Michael, Pat, Dave, Dan, Richard, Jake, Lisa, Charlene, Sandy, Joe, Lisa, Nadine, Francis, Fr. Jim, Jasmine, Kathy, Justin & Lauren, Susan, Sr. Joseph Maureen IHM, Evelyn Mayer, Goldie & family

Sister Ann Rose, Jack & Doris, Bert & Dn. Cheryl, Jack, Mark, Tom, Richard, Thomas Burns & Family,  John, Joanne, Linda


Missionaries: Wayne & Rena Goodrich, Sean & Rebekah Conklin, Fr. Dass & Mary


Counseling Center: Dr. Carolyn Morris


Military: Romulo Camargo, Joshua Smith, Ben Fradette, Talon, Clafdia & Austin Harbison, Ritchie, Janae Sparks, Patrick Reed, Tony, Marc Williams, Matthew, Sean, Christian Frolish, Jordan Greenlaw, Maydia Sorgie, Jake Devoe, Zach Belden, Joey Castillo, AJ Leininger, Dalton Underwood, Cade Hartong, Nash Hartong, Robert, Zach Castle, Luke Nagel, Tom Maddox, Rachel Snow, Leah Montalvo, Mark Bunker, Tressa Cavalliere, Sidney Castle, Sean Outhouse, Ryan Allen


Students: Makayla, Sean, Tiffany, Ryan, Jerrod, Nathaniel, Juliet, Mark, Abigayle, Calvin, Angelina, Madelyn, Elijah, Zach, Charlotte, Anisha, Tiffany, Taylor, Kalista, Clyde, Dennis, Daisy, Franklin, Aubrey, Morgan & Peyton, Landon, Jariah, Elijah, Janelle, Tatiana, Richard, Ava, Elizabeth

joy of giving

Your generosity is changing lives; your gifts help us to be a light in our community and make a difference in our world. Giving is an integral part of our relationship with God.  Giving is an act of worship that allows us to give back to God what He has given to us.  Time, Talent and Treasure are all part of how we meet our mission of Loving God, through our worship, and Living Jesus, by serving others.  Here are several opportunities of giving:

Cash or Check: may be given during our services and special programs.  Checks made payable to "St. Anne's Church" may also be given during services or programs, or if mailing is more your style: mail to St. Anne's Episcopal Church, 9870 West Fort Island Trail, Crystal River, FL, 34429.  We have a locked, secured mailbox.

Online Giving: We now have online giving through; a simple and secure online giving app.  Give one time or schedule recurring giving.  Choose "GIVING" from the website menu; a simple form will launch for ease of safely giving digitally. Contact Linda Axelson, Digital Engagement Leader for St. Anne's, for assistance or questions.

Automated Giving: contact your bank to set up and schedule automated giving; you will need to provide the bank with St. Anne's Episcopal Church, and the address: 9870 West Fort Island Trail, Crystal River, FL  34429.  Your bank will mail your checks directly to our locked, secured mailbox.

General funds cover the church's operating costs such as utilities, wages, ministries, and supplies.  Although there are other funds set up, your elected vestry members expertly review and direct usage of church funds to become the very best stewards of God's gifts to us.

"The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.  Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work."  2 Corinthians 9:6-8

our daily bread

Mephibosheth at at David's table like one of the king's sons.  2 Samuel 9:11

Grace Outside the Box

Tom worked for a law firm that advised Bob's company.  They became friends - until Tom embezzled thousands of dollars from the company.  Bob was hurt and angry when he found out, but he received wise counsel from his vice president, a believer in Christ.  The VP noticed Tom was deeply ashamed and repentant, and he advised Bob to drop the charges and hire Tom.  "Pay him a modest salary so he can make restitution.  You'll never have a more grateful, loyal employee."  Bob did, and Tom was.

Mephibosheth, grandson of King Saul, hadn't done anything wrong, but he was in a tough spot when David became king.  Most kings killed the royal bloodline.  But David loved King Saul's son Jonathan, and treated his surviving son as his own (2 Samuel 9:1-13).  His grace won a friend for life.  Mephibosheth marveled that he "deserved nothing but death from my lord the king, but you gave your servant a place" (19-28).  He remained loyal to David, even when David's son Absalom chased David from Jerusalem (2 Samuel 16:1-4, 19:24-30).

Do you want a loyal friend for life?  Someone so extraordinary may require you to do something extraordinary.  When common sense says punish, choose grace.  Hold them accountable, but give the undeserving a chance to make things right.  You may never find a more grateful, devoted friend.  Think outside the box, with grace.  - Mike Wittmer

Who has sinned against you?  How might you hold them accountable while also forgiving them?

Father, I've received extraordinary grace from You. 
Help me show that grace to others - especially to those with a repentent spirit.



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